Turfgrass and Lawn Services

Herbicides and Weed Control

Comprehensive pre-emergent and post-emergent applications are essential for a virtually weed-free lawn. Both Crabgrass and Broadleaf weeds require two applications each in the Spring and early summer for adequate control. Since more weeds germinate in July and August, a Fall weed clean up is required in September.

Pre-emergent Crabgrass Prevention

Broadleaf Weed Control Ground Ivy Control Violet Control

Post Emergent Crabgrass Control MOSS Control

Guaranteed 100% Dandelion Control!

Bee Safe Grub and Surface Insect Control

Grubs can be prevented by a June or July application that must be watered in. Once an outbreak occurs, a more costly application of existing grubs can be applied when needed. Grubs are capable of devastating a lawn in less than a month.

Grub Prevention before eggs hatch in the hot summer months Grub Control when grubs are active

Chinchbug Control

Surface Insect Control including ants

Sod Webworm moth control

Economical mosquito and tick control on all turfgrass areas

Lawn Renovation

Our lawn renovations start with accurate soil tests and a detailed analysis of the “micro- climate” that is your specific turfgrass area. Soil type, available nutrient level, pH, shade and sun levels, mowing patterns, mowing quality and frequency, watering capability and timing are all significant issues that need to be addressed to give you a quality golf course lawn!

Aeration Slice/Seeding De-Thatching

Gypsum Applications for compacted soils Lime Applications for Ph adjustment Premium Seed Blends

Organic-based Fertilizers

Our non-burning, environmentally safe Organic based fertilizers feed your lawn steadily over the season. They also enhance the microbial activity in your soil which help your lawn thrive.

NPK Granular Fertilizers for slow release Liquid Fertilizers for fast acting green up

Iron and Manganese for chlorophyll development and better color Fall Fertilizer for deep roots and thicker density

Winterizer for quick green up in the Spring Micronutrients for optimum soil nutrition

Turf Disease Control

We use a combination of latest generation safe systemic and contact fungicides. Our Golf Course level diagnosis will help identify the exact disease for optimum control.

Red Thread control Dollar Spot control Leaf Spot control

Necrotic Root Rot in sodded Lawns

Special Services for Commercial Turfgrass and Large Acre Applications

Golf Course Consulting with Turfgrass Solutions

Athletic Field Soil Solutions and price competitive applications

Premium Estate Turfgrass Programs designed by Fred Cheney, former Golf Course Supt. Large Acreage Commercial Applications

Economical Condominium programs