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"Golf Course Lawns was an answer to prayer for my Lawn"

Jane L.  Hampton

"Golf Course lawns got rid of all my weeds, especially clover"

Milton M,  Pelham

"My lawn was a mess when Fred Cheney first looked at it. Now its the nicest in the neighborhood."

Pat O. Atkinson

"I had 100% crabgrass and now my lawn is 100% weed free!"

Roger L.  Chester

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My Favorite Lawn Team

I have been using Golf Course Lawns for several years now after responding to an ad. I'm thoroughly pleased with their plan and results. No more dandelions! The lawn is rich green and has filled out to thick proportions. I get positive comments from neighbors and visitors. The team, headed by it's owner Fred, is always courteous, friendly, and on-time. They listen to my comments, make suggestions, and administer their program at truly reasonable cost. A win !!

Richard U.

Londonderry, NH